Do you have a will? Over half of the adults in the UK don’t. The most common reasons we hear for not making a will are:

  • I don’t have anything to leave
  • I can’t decide what to do about my children
  • It’s complicated
  • At Pishon Gold, we believe that everyone over 18 should have a Will in place. You don’t need a large estate but making a Will creates certainty and gives you and your family the peace of mind from knowing exactly how your money, property and possessions will be dealt with after your death.

It is particularly important to make a Will if you live with your partner but are not married or in a registered civil partnership. This is because the law does not automatically recognise co-habiting couples as having the same rights as husbands, wives and civil partners. So even if you have lived together for many years, your partner may not inherit your estate.

A Will is also vital if you have children or dependants who may not be able to care for themselves on your death. Without a will there could be uncertainty about who will look after or provide for them if you die.

At Pishon Gold we can also advise on Trusts, Deeds and Declarations.

Have you made an unequal contribution to the purchase of a jointly owned property? Have you contributed to the purchase of a property but cannot have your name on the title deeds? Perhaps because you cannot be on the mortgage? If so, we can help prepare a trust deed setting out your interest in the property to ensure clarity and protect your interest.

Or perhaps you need a Deed of Variation? This can be used by the beneficiaries of an Estate (whether as the result of a Will or the Rules of Intestacy) to rearrange or vary their entitlement. There can be many reasons for using a Deed of Variation, for example to reduce the tax liability of the estate or of a beneficiary, to redistribute the assets according to all the beneficiaries’ wishes or to settle a dispute or potential dispute over the estate or will. Whatever the reason, we will draft the Deed to ensure you achieve what you want. Although it is worth noting that it has to be made within two years of the date of death.

We are also able to help prepare or administer Oaths, prepare Change of Name Deeds, Affidavits, Statutory Declarations and Declaration of Trust deeds. Although this list is not exhaustive.

The cost of drafting a Will depends on the complexities of your circumstance and the amount of time it will take to be drawn. A standard costs from £275.00 plus VAT. If you are interested in drawing your Will we would be happy to discuss your circumstances and provide a quote tailored to your needs. We are also able to provide a free storage service for the Wills which we have prepared.