Pishon Gold – a small firm with access to big expertise

Pishon Gold – a small firm with access to big expertise

One of the best things about running your own practice is that it enables you to work closely with clients and build relationships.  And we find that our clients at Pishon Gold really value the rapport and the flexibility we have as a small practice.

But we are proud to also provide some of the benefits of working with a bigger firm.  Three years ago, we were involved in setting up the South London Regional Sole Practitioner’s Group (SPG), an offshoot of the National SPG and a fabulous collaboration of local Solicitors with an incredibly varied set of skills and specialisms.

With Solicitors in sole practice representing over one-third of all solicitor firms in the UK, the Sole Practitioners Group (SPG) is a not-for-profit representative body and independent stakeholder group, providing professional and pastoral support, training and regulatory representation on behalf of all Sole Practitioner solicitors in England and Wales.  Its mission is to inspire, to promote and to lead.

The South London SPG meets throughout the year to share knowledge and best practice and provide mutual support. Recently, the group welcomed Phil Chantry of Action Coach who spoke about the possibilities for practice growth.  And Danny Seaman of Lockton’s, the SPG partner, gave an update on current market trends pertaining to sole practitioners given the challenging insurance market.

Pishon Gold’s Adjoa Djan-Krofa, said: “Our association with the SPG means that we are able to draw in expertise from our colleagues for the areas outside our specialisms.  For example, in the past, one of my clients needed help with a Trademark issue and I was able to refer her very confidently to a colleague from the South London SPG.”

Obviously, the current situation is a challenge to all businesses, Pishon Gold included. We are all working remotely to serve our clients and still available on telephone and email to help with your legal queries. Please get in touch if we can be of assistance.